Rwanda Misozi Kopakaki Fair Trade


Craving a coffee that’s a bit more fruity than your average cup of joe? Savor the surprising essences of lemonade, peach, and black tea teased from these beans that have been roasted to a medium; you’ll never be the same. The beans of our Misozi Kopakaki Fair Trade coffee originate from the Karongi District in the Republic of Rwanda, one of the smallest countries in Africa. Over eight hundred farmers form the coffee cooperative known as Kopakaki, in an effort to create the best product with their pooled resources. The word Misozi refers to a larger group of cooperatives that Kopakaki joined in order to export their beans to other countries–in this case, to us in the United States. All of the cooperatives mentioned are Fair Trade, meaning their coffee beans were grown using employee-friendly business methods. $12 per lb. 

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Rwanda Misozi Kopakaki Fair Trade


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