Indian Monsoon Malabar


Harvested from the mountainous southern regions of Mysore Coorg (go find southwest India on your globe and you’ll have a better idea), this coffee evokes the flavor of fresh baker’s chocolate. Once brewed, the customer will discover this coffee is earthy, creamy, and–upon closer examination–contains a hint of licorice. Centuries ago, ships would brave the horrific trials of the Cape of Good Hope in order to procure this blend (rocks, reefs, and monsoons are a lot of danger for some coffee beans). Because such journeys often spanned months, wind and water would cause the beans to be softened. This created an unforeseen smooth, gentleness to each cup once the coffee was brewed, which those inquisitive European merchants were eager to replicate. Instead of transporting the beans by ship, today they are merely exposed to humidity within a warehouse setting. However, everyone is still in love with this unique way of aging the beans. $10 per lb.

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Indian Monsoon Malabar

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 in


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