About Stedman Coffee

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Started in 1998 as a small cafe out in Mayville, New York, Stedman Coffee never planned to roast for more than themselves. They sold an array of freshly roasted coffees for locals to sit down and savor on the very cozy premises, with the option to buy ground or whole beans to take home for future enjoyment. However, it soon turned out that residents of New York State were not content with only those two options, and so Stedman began selling bags upon bags of coffee to other local cafes and businesses. But people kept asking for further access to the enchanting beans. So Stedman began selling coffee at a very well-known grocery, Wegmans, so those who couldn’t make it down to the current cafe on Fairmount could trawl the coffee aisles in Lakewood and Erie for their favorite blend, whether it be the dark, velvety espresso or the sweet maple creme.

Stedman is currently the best-selling local coffee vendor within the Wegmans grocery chain, thanks to their unique flavorings and the fact that they roast in-house, so they have control over the coffee beans from when they arrive green in burlap sacks all the way up until they’re packaged and ground for sale. Each and every batch is carefully roasted by master roasters Dan and Zak Wells, who never take shortcuts and always ensure that the individual batches are toasted to supreme perfection. Coffee is something the people at Stedman understand and care about deeply, in hopes that your brewing experience is always the best that it can be. Whether that experience takes place in the comfort of your own home or sitting in our cafe, customers will never run out of new blends to try and always rest easy that the coffee is locally roasted, roasted daily in small batches to achieve maximum freshness, and made by those with a deep appreciation for all things coffee.

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How Its Made

The beans used by Stedman’s Coffee are directly imported from exotic countries with the freshest beans such as Colombia, Guatemala, Rwanda, and many more. Once we acquire these beans, they are roasted by and hand-packaged by our loving employees. If desired, these beans are put into a grinder to ground the beans into a fine powder that allows us to prepare the delicious in-house coffee that we serve daily. 

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